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Calderdale is lucky enough to have a brilliant new website which brings together information on all the support services that exist to support mental and emotional well-being of young people in the area.  The website is full of information for young people, parents, and professionals so whatever you need it can certainly help point you in the right direction so it's worth checking out. click here or on the image to see what's on offer.

Just Young People

Our friendly and welcoming team are here to make your visit to our service as easy and comfortable as possible, but before you come along you might have some questions which can be answered in the menu below. Sometimes one of the barriers to attending a service is not knowing what to expect when you arrive or what a sexual health clinic even looks like so you can  take a virtual tour of our clinic by clicking the picture of our reception!


Usually we operate a mix of Queue and wait clinics, where you simply turn up and you will be placed in a queue and seen as soon as possible, and appointment times.

If it is your first visit we will need to register you on our clinic system so it helps if you know your address, postcode, and the name of your GP practice.

You will be welcomed by one of our reception team who will take your name (please tell us what you wish us to call you) and any other necessary details. You will be asked to take a seat and wait for your name to be called.

If you feel uncomfortable at any time, please let the receptionist know and we will find somewhere more private to talk. 

Will I get asked personal questions?

If you are under 18 you will be asked some questions which appear quite personal, including a sexual history.  This is only ever done to make sure you are safe and are getting the right care and support that you need.  If for example you've ever felt uncomfortable and pressured into doing something you weren't ready for then it provides an opportunity to tell us so we can get you help.

All our staff want to make your visit to the service friendly and as comfortable as possible so if you have any concerns about why particular questions are being asked, or you don't understand why something is important then let the nurse or doctor know and they will be happy to explain to you what's happening and why.

This is difficult to predict, as this depends on how many people decide to drop-in on any particular day. Sometimes the Young Person’s Clinic can get very busy.

All the information in your notes on the computer and the discussions you have with us are strictly confidential, and any treatment we provide to you follows something called Gillick competence.  To find out more about this check out this handy guide by clicking here: Gillick Competence


It can sometimes be useful to share your records with your GP but we will not do this without your express permission to do so. We will ask you whether you are happy for us to send correspondence to your home address or your GP.  If you would prefer us not to do this and we need to contact you for any reason, then a doctor or nurse will discuss alternative ways of getting in touch.

The only other time we would tell anyone else about your visit would be if:

  •  are under 18 and tell us about someone who has abused you sexually, physically or emotionally
  • You are 12 or under and tell us that someone has had sex with you
  • Your life is at serious risk
  • You tell us about someone under 18 who is being abused
  • Another person’s life is at risk

 But we would discuss this with you first and support you through this.

You can bring anyone you trust to be with you in the reception area and even to accompany you when you go into the room to see the doctor or nurse. However, if you choose to have another person in the room with you, we cannot guarantee that they will not share the information you give to us with another person.

A nurse or doctor will show you into a private room to discuss why you have visited the clinic. They will also ask you questions about your medical history, and may take your blood pressure and weigh you.

If you need condoms or other contraception, e.g. pills, then you will be taught how to use them and be given a supply before you leave. If you want a longer lasting and reliable method like an implant or an injection, we will explain how it works and when this can be done. Sometimes we can do this straight away. It may be necessary to make a further appointment for you.

You will only need to be examined if you have symptoms of an infection that need to be checked out. If swabs need to be taken (e.g. to check for an infection) then you may be given the option of taking these yourself.

This depends on why you are visiting us. If you are attending for a sexual health screen (e.g. a chlamydia test) then we will ask for a urine sample (boys), a vaginal swab (girls),  a blood sample and maybe, oral and/ or anal swab depending on the type of sex you have. But you do have a choice as to what tests are taken.

No, they are taken using a cotton bud and while this might be a bit uncomfortable, they are not painful.

If you are aged 15 to 24 you can have a test without having to see a nurse or doctor. Just ask at reception. If you are aged 25 or over we prefer to offer a full range of STI test including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV – for these you will need to see a nurse or doctor.

If you need an interpreter this will be provided free of charge. We use a telephone interpreting service.

When is the clinic open?

Just click on this link to find out when we our open.  OPENING TIMES

Where are the clinics?

Please click here to find out where our clinics are. CLINIC LOCATIONS

Yes and that includes any treatment that you may need.