HIV Treatment and care

CHFT provides out-patient HIV treatment and care. In-patient care is now provided via the Infectious Disease Unit at St James’ in Leeds. The service forms part of the West Yorkshire HIV network. 

HIV is now considered to be a treatable manageable condition with a relatively normal life expectancy.


Clinics are held through-out the week in both Broad Street in Halifax and Huddersfield Royal Infirmary at South Drive Outpatient department. There is a choice of morning, afternoon or evening appointments. Sessions are now available at Todmorden Health Centre.  

To make an appointment or transfer your care

We Have services located in Huddersfield and Calderdale and please phone 01484 347077 so arrangements can be made at your preferred location.

Our Consultants

  • Dr Lindsay Short
  • Dr Emma Street

Our Specialist Doctor

  • Dr Deborah Goode

Our Specialist Nurses;

  • Michael Ward
  • Andrew Sealy

For Health professionals making a referral please contact the service on 01484 34 7077

Please phone the secretaries on 01484 34 7077 or you can e-mail us at;


Guide to PEP

If you are HIV positive and have had a condom failure or unprotected sex with a negative partner please contact the clinic for advice on 01422 261370 or ask your partner to attend A&E as soon as possible. This treatment is effective up to 72 hours after risk. 

PrEP guide

This is treatment that a negative partner can take before having sexual intercourse. If yould would like to discuss how PrEP may be useful for you then contact the service and you will be offered a consultation to assess eligibility for this medication.  You will also be provided with a full explanation of how the PrEP process would work.

This provided by the Brunswick Centre contact number 01484 469691

Useful links

The Brunswick Centre

We can provide a point of care HIV test in all our clinics, including the Portland clinic in Huddersfield please see our opening times pages for more details