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Contraception provision after Childbirth, termination and miscarriage

A separate page has been created which contains information on contraception provision after childbirth, termination and miscarriage. Contraception Guide


Changes to the FP10 NHS Prescription Form 

Please be aware of the changes to Primary Care prescriptions for STI treatment.  There are changes to FP10 NHS prescriptions from January 2020.  STI treatment in primary care is now free for the patient.  If you add 'FS' to an FP10 then a patient will get the prescription free of charge.  FS stands for free supply of sexual health treatment.  Full details can be found here


We have a range of posters and leaflets which are available for download direct from our website, and we are continually reviewing and adding to this where possible.  If you have any questions or can't see resources you require or would like to see then please use the contact us section to suggest these.


Click here for our downloadable resources page.

RSE resources

We have begun pulling together resources in a seperate page to help with the RSE delivery as part of a broader PSHE curriculum and to view these simply click here: RSE Resource page.

Chlamydia Screening

The Chlamydia screening programme can provide screening kits.  However, kits come in two types, Lower Vaginal Swab (LVS) for those with female genitalia, and Urine sample (For those with Male genitalia) so please be aware of this when ordering and distributing these.  Please use the contact us tab and state which type of kit you require and how many in the comment section.

Please note regular kits supplied would need to be returned to us at the sexual health service, or a limited supply of postal kits are available on request.