Getting Checked for STIs

Getting Checked for STIs

Below are some frequently asked questions about getting tested for STIs, answered.

I don't speak English, can I still attend a clinic or appointment?

I don’t speak English, can I still attend a clinic or appointment?

Yes, we have access to a telephone interpreting service

Who do you tell about my visit?

No-one, without discussing with you first. There may be some occasions where it is important to let other professionals know, but this will be discussed with you first. If you have been referred by your GP or other Health professional we would usually write back to them.

How do I get my results?

We will contact you with any positive results by text or mobile. Results will be on our 24 hour results line within 7 days on 01484 423529

How soon will I get my results?

Some results we can give straight away. e.g. thrush, bacterial vaginosis. We have microscopes in the main hubs at Broad St and Princess Royal so we can look for these straight away. Any outstanding results will be available via our results line.

Does it hurt?

The tests are not painful. If you need swabs taken with an examination these can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable. 

Do I have to have an examination?

This depends on what problems you might be having.

Men : urine and blood test. A swab test if having any symptoms

Women: a self taken vaginal swab and blood test. If an examination is recommended further tests will be taken from the neck of the womb.

Additional tests may be needed depending on type of sexual activity

If I am worried about a recent contact when should I come for a test?

If the contact has been within a few days the tests may not completely rule out an infection. We would then arrange for repeat tests 1-2 weeks later.

Do I need to be referred by a health professional?

No you can self-refer

Does it cost anything?

No all tests and treatment are FREE

Broad Street Plaza, Calderdale : 01422 261370
Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HIV clinic) : 01484 347077