Coil Training

We are currently offering coil training to support the Letter of competence for Intrauterine Techniques (LoC IUT)

Please read the following information carefully if you wish to undertake this training, and if you have anyt questions please get in touch, either by phone on 01422 261370 or e-mail:

Faculty of Reproduction and Sexual Healthcare

Participants must familiarise themselves with the entry requirements to undertake this training and work towards the Letter of Competance qualification.  More information can be found on the FRSH website, please click on FRSH icon to find out more.

Training Structure

The standard training route is broken down into two elements;

  • Model Uterus Training
  • Clinical Training


Model Uterus Training

The Primary Trainer will demonstrate the insertion procedure of currently available, mainstream devices on a model ueterus, emphasising the different insertion mechanisms where applicable.  Model uterus training must include a hormonal intrauterine system (LNG-IUS) and a banded T copper intrauterine device (Cu-IUD).  Model uterus training must be completed before live training on women.  The trainee will practise the different insertion techniques on a model uterus until they are familiar with them.

A demonstration of a CU-IUD or an LNG-IUS fit by a trainer in a conscious patient should be observed by the trainee vefore they start undertaking IUC fits.


Clinical Training

The trainee must demonstrate the ability to conduct a competent contraceptive choices consultation.  This should be assessed using Assessment A Mini CEX - Contraceptive choices consultation.

The trainee must demonstrate the ability to conduct a competent pre-insertion consultation.  this should be assessed using Assessment B Mini CEX - Pre-insertion consultation.

A minimum of seven competent insertions of IUC, in women who have agreed to take part in the training process, must be undertaken.

All accredited insertions must be assessed using Assessment C - IUS fitting competency checklist and must be in conscious women.

Accredited insertions must include devices with at least two different insertion mechanisms and must include both a Cu-IUD and LNG-IUS

It is recommended, but not requried, that each trainee have more than one trainer.

The trainee must undertake scenario-based discussions covering the management of both immediate and delayed complications of IUC insertion.  These should be assessed using ;

  • Assessment D - Managing immediate complications of IUC insertion
  • Assessment E - Managing delayed complications of IUC insertion

To obtain the LoC IUT, practical training must continue until the trainee has achieved competence in all the required assessments.

SH - 1902 - Coil Training Application

Coil Training Application