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Participants must familiarise themselves with the entry requirements to undertake this training and work towards the Letter of Competance qualification.  More information can be found on the FRSH website, please click on FRSH icon to find out more.

Frequently asked questions

Below are a list of commonly asked questions, however if you would like any further information on this training please feel free to either use the general enquiries form or contact us on 01422 261370.

Minimum of 2 sessions for implants, until competent, there is no specisified limit to the number of insertions and removals required for training purposes. 

Completion of e-SRH module 14 and start of model arm training/clinical assessments - 6 months

Completion of e-SRH Module 14 and LoC application - 18 months

Yes. LOC through FRSH

The LoC SDI's require recertification every 5 years.  This evidences continued professional development and ensures maintainance of the knowledge, skills, and attitude and behaviour needed to provide safe and effective reproductive healthcare (SRH).

Implanon £350

Revalidation £150

Implant Training

We are currently offering Implant training to support the FRSH Letter of competence in Sub-dermal Contraceptive Implant Techniques, Insertion and Removal.

This will consist of two elements:

Theoretical Training

Theoretical and model arm training prior to undertaking training on patients, which includes demonstration of correct technique to familiarise participants with instruments and  techniques required.

Practice on model arm until trainer is satisfied the participant has achieved the required level of proficiency to undertake practical training on patients.

Practical training

This takes place in a clinical setting and the participant will have the opportunity to develop skills around insertion and removal of implants on patients who have consented to take part in the training process.

Observation(s) of participant undertaking both insertion and removal of implants, until trainer satisfied participant has reached required level of competance.

Practical training must be completed within 1 year of succesful completion of model arm training.

Where does training take place?

Training takes place at the Sexual Health Service, Broad Street Plaza

Is there a minimum number of implants (eg per year) required to maintain competency?

A log will need to show a minimun of six procedures to include at least one insertion and one removal undertaken within 12 months of commencing training.

Implant Training Application

SH - 1058 - Implant Training Application

Implant Training Application