Free HIV testing Available

If you are 16yrs and over, and live in England then you can get a free HIV test with an optional test for syphilis) simply by clicking on the Free Test logo and completing a few details.

The majority of people with HIV are aware of there status and are also on effective treatment meaning they can live life to the fullest, knowing their infection is under control.

STI prevention

Condoms are the only form of contraception, along with Femidoms, that can help prevent against Sexually Transmitted Infections.  They are also really effective against the most common infection, Chlamydia, as well as Gonorrhoea and HIV.

They also have the added benefit of providing a back up to hormonal methods of contraception if you want to avoid unintended pregnancy!  Condoms are easy to get and come in a range of sizes, colours and even flavours.

A few simple tips can make sure condoms offer the best protection against infection (and contraception), so just click on the condom or femidom to find out a bit more.

STI testing and treatment

Please use the links below to discover more about non sexually and sexually transmitted infections.

For more general information on STIs please see: 

FPA - oral sex and sexually transmitted infections

Sexwise - STIs

Easy read information

Sexually Transmitted Infections Leaflet

Sexwise Resources

Sexwise produce information on a whole range of sexual health issues, aimed at young people, using animated images to get the point across. all videos can be accessed by clicking the images above and topics covering different STI's, emergency contraception and vaginal discharge..  Click the images below to take a look.