Domestic Abuse support

During this time of minimising contact with others and remaining indoors as far as possible the potential for victims of domestic abuse to be placed at greater risk is something we are very much aware of at the service.  The government has produced a webpage showing where people can go for help, or some really useful information if you suspect someone you know is a victim.  Please click on the image for further info.


When ringing 999 from a mobile phone if you are unable to speak then type 55 when prompted and this will automatically transfer your call to the police.  Pressing 55 will only work after you have been prompted to do so by the call handler.

Sex Life, Relationships and Sexual Health

You may also be wondering how Coronovirus (COVID-19) could affect your sex life, relationships and sexual health.  Click here to view a short guide which should hopefully answer any questions you may have, and provide you with advice on keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Family support

Covid-19 has brought many challenges including those faced by children who may experience anxiety and stress brought on by recent events.  Every child is different but not being able to spend time with friends, lack of school and perhaps separation from their boyfriend / girlfriend can affect mental health and well-being.  The NSPCC have produced a range of resources for those who work with children, parents and carers, and children which can be accessed by clicking on the logo to the right or click here


A Local resource pack has been produced which highlights all the services still up and running, and providing services for Calderdale families. Click here to see what's available.

British HIV Association

The British HIV association has produced guidance for people with HIV in light of the most recent government guidance.  This can be viewed here

BAME Resources

A couple of really useful websites have resources regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) and are designed to support the BAME communities.  Please find these links below;


The following link takes you to coronavirus guidance translated into 49 different languages and some multi-ligual videos; Doctors of the world


Spark&co usually run womens communities events but have pulled together a very useful resource to support those from BAME communities by linking to resources and information across a whole range of issues; Spark&co.


Covid-19 and shielding, government advice in different languages; COVID-19 Shielding