Request a home test for chlamydia screening

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Important information

Please note that for a full sexual health screen you should have a blood test for Syphilis and HIV. Please contact clinic on 01422 261370 to arrange.

If you are a transgender female or man who has sex with men we would recommend blood testing for Hepatitis A, B and C, Syphilis and HIV. You would also benefit from vaccines for Hepatitis A, B and HPV. Pease contact clinic on 01422 261370 to arrange.  

Important changes to the Home Screening service

We are in the process of changing how samples are returned which may increase the time between posting samples back and providing results. We apologise for any inconvenience or worry this may cause.

Whilst we try to make our services as accessible as possible we also need to ensure resources are used effectively. Ordering kits will remain the same and it is important that all information on the ordering form is completed as accurately as possible, and a screening kit will be provided.

If kits are not returned, a reminder to return this will be sent via e-mail approximately 3-4 weeks after the kit was requested.  If a sample is still not returned after this reminder then any further requests will not be fulfilled and you will need to ring Broad Street Health Centre and arrange a clinic visit to access STI testing.




Request a home test for chlamydia screening

Screening Request Form

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It is important that we provide the right kit for your needs so we would appreciate it if you could answer a couple more questions for us, as honestly as you can.

If you do not see the Submit button it means you've not answered all the questions under Basic Information. Please go back and make sure all of those are filled out first.

Please note; Where Sex is requested on the form this refers to the sex you were assigned at birth. eg If you were born 'male' then regardless of Gender Identity you would click on the 'male' option, and if you were born 'female' then you would click the 'female' option.