The Integrated sexual health service is responsible for supplies resources for both the condom distribution scheme (including C-card), and the Chlamydia screening programme.  The condom distribution scheme provides the following resources;

Professional Bulletins & Resource

Current Bulletin; April to May 2018

Resources; Spring Screen Flier


Previous Bulletin; January to March 2018


The following resources can be obtained by using the "contact us" menu option stating which resources you require in the comment section. Condoms supplied include;

Regular (288)

Sensitive (144)

Flavoured (144)

King Size (144)

Trim (144)

Latex free - (please enquire)

Dental Dams (72)

Femidom (72)

Clear Lube (144)

Opaque Lube (144)

if you require anything else, eg C-cards please include this in the e-mail.




Chlamydia Screening

The Chlamydia screening programme can provide screening kits.  However, kits are now specific to male and female so please be aware of this when ordering and distributing these.  Please use the contact us tab and state which type of kit you require and how many in the comment section.

Please note regular kits supplied would need to be returned to us at the sexual health service, or a limited supply of postal kits are available on request.

Broad Street Plaza, Calderdale : 01422 261370
Huddersfield Royal Infirmary (HIV clinic) : 01484 347077