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Sexual Health Week 2019

This years Sexual Health Week is all about inclusivity with a focus on disability, and an opportunity to dispel myths around sex, sexuality and people living with a disability.  In short having a sex life shouldn't be "off the table" because of disability and the campaign provides an opportunity to recognise this and support everyone regardless of their ability or disability to experience positive sexual health.

Enhance the UK are an organisation which offers support and practical advice to people living with disabilities and information to help reduce stigma and myths around sex and disability.  Click on their logo to go to their website.

For a great view on Sex and disabilities while dating then this Youtube video; End the Awkward offers some great insights.

Why use condoms?

Condoms have been used for hundreds of years and until the invention of rubber used a whole range of materials including animal horn / shell, silk and animal membranes! Whatever the material though all condoms were designed for the purpose of preventing infection and the same is as true today as it was hundreds of years ago.

Many STI's have no symptoms but can have long lasting, harmful effects with some such as HIV being a lifelong infection.  Where symptoms do occur these can be pretty unpleasant and one symptom of Gonorrhoea, for example, would a be a thick custard-like discharge coming from the end of the penis or from the vagina.  A further problem is the increasing resistance of Gonorrhoea to our frontline treatments with the race on to find new ones.

Using condoms is the only way to reduce the risk of acquiring a STI.  Furthermore regular testing, especially if you are in a high risk group (eg Young people aged 15-24yrs) is a good way to nip any Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea infection in the bud if you're unlucky enough to have acquired the infection.


To order a Chlamydia screening kit click here


For more information on STI's public health England have produced a campaign page and a series of short clips of real life stories. Click here



Sexwise Resources

Sexwise produce information on a whole range of sexual health issues using animated images to get the point across. all videos can be accessed by clicking the images above and topics covering different STI's, emergency contraception and vaginal discharge..  Click the images below to take a look.



Public Health England

Public Health England have produced a range of resources showing the impact Sexually Transmitted Infections can have on individuals physical health, and self-esteem.  All these can be found on the campaign website access here, or by licking on image to the right.

The headlines

If a little history is your thing then Riyadh Khalaf takes a look at the history of condoms and why they are still so important today.  Click here


Recent infections of highly resistant Gonorrhoea have been detected in the UK recently and while the 2 individuals concerned have been successfully treated it is a timely reminder that it is certainly possible to acquire these infections which can be difficult to treat.  To read the most recent article click here.


Having the "condom chat" might be embarrassing but it's an important one to have.  Take a look at the clip on the BBC website to listen to the experience of other young people and get some tips from sexual health experts. Click here.

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